scarred lands

Welcome to Scarn, or, rather, what’s left of Scarn. This world is not what it once was. It is broken and battered, mauled by the world’s keepers and progenitors in a great conflict that raged across its surface for years. The titans — those primal forces who created Scarn and shaped it in their foul image — warred with their children, the gods, who learned to draw power from the faith of those lowly mortals wandering the face of the world.

Both sides clashed across Scarn, amassing armies from among the creatures they created. On one side were the “titanspawn,” twisted monsters and foul creatures loyal to the titans. On the other side, the “divines race,” the highest of mortals, banded together to aid the gods, who loved and nurtured these races like their own children. Over time, the gods were successful and the titans subdued, but not destroyed. The gods were sole rulers of Scarn now, fueled by the mortals’ devout worship. 

The war is over, but the damage remains, and it is for this reason that Scarn is now known as the Scarred Lands. This conflict, known as both the Divine War and the Titanswar, has been over for a century and a half, but the healing process has just begun. In many ways, the Scarred Lands will never recover fully from its wounds. But hope remains. The gods watch over Scarn now, and the mortals remain loyal. Yet new threats have emerged. Titanspawn still roam freely throughout much of the land. Much of Scarn’s topography has been twisted and warped in unnatural ways. And the titans, though dormant, are not dead. 

Though victorious, can the gods help to rebuild this tattered world, or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of their parents?

The Scarred Lands is a fantasy roleplaying game setting originally created for use for 3e/OGL. Game statistics in the original books reflect this, but the extensive details of the game world itself are useful for use with any FRPG.